Business Valuation Process

At Weinress & Associates, our process is an interactive process in which the client is involved during all phases of the analysis. We value our client relationships and the integrity of our client's data by using secure controls to protect data and information provided to us.


Phase I - Engagement with Trustee and Indemnification and Fee Payment by Company.

Information gathering

Phase II - Gather Company Documents/Information, perform a thorough review of the information collect and setup a Field Visit along with discussions with Company Management.

Market Analysis

Phase III - Collect and analyze Market data and continue to have informational reviews with the client.

Company Analysis

Phase IV - Determine appropriate valuation methodology to be used, conduct a valuation analysis, consider ESOP-specific Characteristics and consideration of Discounts and Premiums.

Report Conclusions

Phase V - Create the draft Appraisal Report, submit to client for review and comments. Only after the draft document has been thoroughly discussed with the client will we issue the final Conclusions/Report to the Trustee.